1996- Founders of Cleanall Environmental Services Limited proposed and were contracted by the National Maritime Authority (now Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency) under the name Quest Resources Consults Limited to conduct a study of ship born wastes on the marine environment, with emphasis on how such wastes are handled in the United States, Great Britain and Middle East. 


1997- DIK International Limited, a Cleanall Environmental Services Limited affiliate, proposes a Private Public Partnership (PPP) between the company and Nigerian Government for the implementation of marine protection services. 


2001- Cleanall Environmental Services Limited is incorporated to partner with Nigerian Ports Authority for the provision of Port Reception Facilities for collection of bilge and refuse, Pollution Surveillance, Remediation Services and Ballast Water Management (Tank Washing). 


2005- Cleanall commences Pollution Surveillance of Warri and Calabar Pilotage districts to enforce International Maritime Organization (IMO) MARPOL 73/78 convention to stop illegal dumping of waste. 


2014- Cleanall receives the approval from the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria to facilitate a Private Public Partnership with Nigerian Ports Authority for the provision of Ballast Water Management, Remediation Services and Pollution Surveillance (Lagos and Port Harcourt Pilotage Districts)

Prince Daniel Kanu 

Managing Director / CEO

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Projects Cleanall Environmental Services limited was specifically incorporated to meet the environmental challenges and prevent marine pollution.


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